Uprising, 2018

Xawery Wolski

220x92x82 cm


Wolski began experimenting with the chain form in the late 1980s when he permanently left Poland to avoid the potential consequences of his political involvement. The artist studied at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris, then interrupted his studies at the academy to focus on marble sculpting in Carrara, Italy. Eventually, he completed his studies in southern France, in Aix-en-Provence. He participated in several artistic residencies, spending a significant amount of time in India and Southeast Asia. His artistic quests led him to Peru in 1994 and a year later to Mexico, where he lived and worked for over 25 years. After this time, he returned to Poland. He currently resides and creates in his hometown of Dańków.


The definition of a chain reveals both positive aspects (such as connecting friends or like-minded people) and negative connotations (confinement, captivity). The motif of the chain first appeared in Wolski’s work in the form of two linked links, representing the merging of the past with the present. Individual chain elements can potentially multiply indefinitely. The sculpture “Uprising” depicts links rising towards the sky, as if breaking free from the influence of gravity. The work expresses strength, growth, and rebirth.