Primary system, 2018

Ida Karkoszka

50x50x35 cm

bog oak, bronze

Before Ida Karkoszka began to repair the world with sculptural images of animals, she marked her presence in artistic space with a sensual manifesto. “Primary System” in appearance resembles a random composition of stones smoothed by a river or the sea. Synthetically framed thighs and a vagina are between realism and organic abstraction. The sculpture balances between literally depicted sexuality and a shorthand, taking the theme of vitality beyond human physicality. The artist develops the theme of the birth of the world, which is present in the history of art (From Gustav Courbet, “L’Origine du monde” to Constantin Brâncuși, “Le commencement du monde”). “Primary System” is based on the experience of abstraction but remains a record of bodily presence in the world. The organic structure stems from Karkoszka’s thoughtful consideration of extra-human life forms, into which she inscribes the body as an autobiographical subject.