Calibration Nr 4, 2023

John Paul Azzopardi

46cm x 38cm x 12cm


Calibration No. 4 is part of a collection of fossilized structures. The architectural relationship that oscillates back and forth from the simple and the complex to the living and the dead connects space and form, creating existential structures of interwoven silence. The death embedded in its form, its life. This might confront the spectator with a spectre, the simulacrum of itself that stalls, halts being something in its tracks. Facing truth, man often does not look. S/he does not see, for instance as when confronting the world, the transient. The rule of words then is that what one sees is what one is, and (to admit) that facing truth, we often see nothing, hear nothing and say nothing…little realizing that this obtains us the golden opportunity to become just exactly that, viz. to be like nothing…which in turn provides us with the further opportunity of doing away with the lethal subject/object diabolical duality seemingly inbuilt into our very thinking processes, our language games and the acquisitive activity that they generate.