Burning Dummy, 2022

Karol Palczak

76 x 42cm

oil on galvanized sheet attached to plywood

Karol Palczak’s painting “Burning Dummy” delves into a rich tapestry of historical painting traditions and folk rituals. Palczak, who both works in video and paints in oil on metal, intricately weaves narratives that resonate with the socio-cultural landscape of southeastern Poland. Set against the backdrop of a region marked by the absence of its once vibrant Jewish-Orthodox-Catholic population, Palczak’s artistry brings forth a cast of characters emblematic of the economic struggles and increasing depopulation in the area.


As a resident and witness of the region’s transformation, Palczak’s work transcends mere observation; it embodies a profound connection between modernity and the enduring landscape. Through his tender portrayal of the inhabitants and their surroundings, he confronts the complexities of contemporary existence amidst the remnants of a multicultural past. “Burning Dummy” stands as a poignant testament to Palczak’s artistry, inviting viewers to contemplate the interplay between history, community dynamics, and the evolving ethos of the land.