Agate Grotto, 2021

Nicolas Grospierre

90 x 65 x 65 cm

3D photographic prints, lightbox, steel, mirrors, brass

“An agate may shadow forth a tree, several trees, groves, a forest, a whole landscape”, it can resemble2 “Apollo with his lyre surrounded by the muses”, writes Roger Caillois in his book The Writing of Stones (L’ecriture des pierres), which was one of the most important inspirations for Grospierre.


The artwork draws inspiration from the geological wonder of geodes, where crystals develop within rocks, hidden from view until the outer layers are broken. In a departure from this destructive approach, Grospierre presents a creative solution: a photomontage featuring diverse agates, meticulously printed and sculpted into a three-dimensional motif. Positioned within a network of mirrors, this artwork forms a metaphorical geode—one that can be admired without the need for destruction. Through this innovative presentation, Grospierre showcases the transformative power and ethical implications of photography, inviting viewers to marvel at the beauty of minerals while preserving their natural integrity.