The Educational Programme at LuginsLand of Art

The educational programme encompasses six discussion panels and workshops, each delving into various facets of art and its relationships, including architecture, archaeology, community, and artistic legacy. These panels feature distinguished artists, art historians, architects, and art professionals who bring their perspectives on historical, social, and anthropological issues to the fore. The programme aims to foster an environment for discussion and offers an opportunity to explore the villa’s ongoing construction, restoration, and preservation efforts.

Attendees will also gain insights into the conservation processes applied to polychrome paintings by Giuseppe Cali, terracotta sculptures featuring Alessandro Volta and Galileo Galilei, and the ornamental metalwork adorning the villa. Due to the ongoing restoration of the premises, both the exhibition and villa will be accessible and open to the public on the dates outlined below. As LuginsLand of Art unveils its new multicultural artistic platform, it invites the audience and community to experience a convergence of art and history through time and space.

March 23 | 9:30 – 12:00 PM

Art and Architecture