Mario Abela

Mario Abela was born in 1983, lives and works on the island of Gozo – Malta. He has a degree in Education – Art and History and a Master in Fine Arts – Digital Arts, from the University of Malta. He is currently a senior lecturer at the MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts, where he teaches Graphic Design, Interactive Media and Gaming. He has received numerous awards, including being selected for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2018 and being selected for the Hopper Art Prize Spring 2023. His works have been presented in various solo and group exhibitions in various countries.

His artistic career is a testimony of the resilience and creativity that lies in the heart of humanity.
Through his work, she tries to deal with the consequences of our destructive tendencies, recognizing the pain and despair they bring.

Nature, with her eternal wisdom, serves as her guide. He witnesses his fires and storms, his cycles of death and rebirth, and he learns from his transformative power. I see how life emerges from the ashes, how beauty unfolds among the ruins. In his art, this natural process echoes, embracing the potential for growth and renewal that lies latent in destruction.

Drawing on different means and techniques, she channels her emotions and experiences into a visual language that transcends words. Through intricate textures and evocative forms, it invites viewers to explore the deep depths of human existence. It strives to create spaces where contemplation and healing can take place, where the transformative potential of destruction becomes palpable.